Disability Awareness Kit

This specific resource was created in 2006 and uses terminology that may not be of person first/identity first language of someone with a disability.

To learn more about about person first language and disability language style, visit the following:

The Deer Valley United School District's Disability Awareness Packet provides information on different disabilities and explains them in a kid-friendly manner. There are also suggestions of different activities for children to participate in to display aspects of differing disabilities including; communication disorders, hearing loss/deaf/hard of hearing, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, low vision and vision loss. Other resources are also provided within the kit. The link to the kit follows:

Movies and TV Shows

There are a variety of media representations of disabilities. Watching/listening to a movie or show with your child will provide an opportunity for a discussion about the character’s disability while keeping your child engaged. These links provide a variety of movies with portrayals of people with disabilities.

Art Projects

Get out the crayons and paint and have fun using these printable sheets and getting creative! Art is a great way for children to express themselves, and be open to learning about others as well. Additionally, coloring and painting helps color recognition, fine motor skills, focus, and one-on-one time with their caregiver. Here are links providing coloring pages related to disabilities.


Head to your local library to see what kinds of books they have about disabilities. There are many children books which address topics caregivers may feel confused about how to discuss. Here are a few books to help explain disabilities to children. Many are also available for purchase on Amazon or your local bookstore.

Links to more book suggestions: